You may have wondered before – how did great liders managed to rule? How did they overcome the bad circumstances and provide security, peace and justice?? Well you don’t need to look for that answer any further, because now we are taking a look at one of the most significant history figures in Moldova. Let’s go, shall we?


   Imagine that you go through Doctor’s Strange Multiverse and all of a sudden, you fall right into the territory of Moldova, in the 14’th century. What you see besides our beautiful landscapes, is the figure of a solid man, whom by accident stepped across this field. Dragoș known as Dragoș The Founder, was the first Voivode of Moldavia.

Some say that he might have even founded Baia and Siret (two cities that fullfilled the role of capital at some point). The legend tells us that one day, while he was hunting for aurochs, he came upon this beautiful river and decided to establish himself there. The Maramureș ruler managed to develop here the viticulture and form in fine lines what Moldova was about to become.

Another figure that we recognize here belongs to the rightful founder of Moldova. It’s none other than Bogdan himself, he was the first independent ruler, or voivode, of Moldavia in the 1360s. He had initially been the voivode, or head, of the Vlachs in the Voivodeship of Maramureș in the Kingdom of Hungary. However, when the first certain record was made of him in 1343, he was mentioned as a former voivode who had become disloyal to Louis I of Hungary. He invaded the domains of a Vlach landowner who remained loyal to the king in 1349. Four years later, he was again mentioned as voivode in a charter, which was the last record of his presence in Maramureș. 

The boundaries of Moldavia during Bogdan's reign cannot exactly be determined. According to historian Laurenţiu Rădvan, his realm included the northwestern regions between the Carpathian Mountains and the Dniester River, maybe as far as the Cheremosh River. Bogdan's seat was at Siret where a royal residence had been built during Dragoș's reign, according to the Moldavian chronicles.

Let’s dive into our next journey, in the following century of that time and discover for what was Ștefan cel Mare famously known for.

   He ruled for exactly 47 years and it is stated to be the longest ruler ship ever known in medieval times. Ștefan was a very remarkable person at that time and that would be thanks to his diplomacy, his appreciation for arts and culture, his military campaigns and his useful skills in politics. But all of that is not the reason why we keep alive his memory. His legacy is important – but his bravery shines above every other aspect of his life and personality. In his time, economy develops and the society circle starts to change. Moldova also meets the most flourishing era of development. He brings peace in the crowd of that society and aspires for greater good. Ștefan cel Mare was a fierce ruler in the means that he didn’t just accept a “no”. In fact, he fought with other political powers just so his territory would not have to pay for peace. He went for justice and freedom and at some point – he really had it all coming together.

   On one hand, he created a very complex fortification system at the country’s borders and formed a large professional army with hierarchy system. On the other hand, Ștefan managed to bring the realistic politics to the table. He was commanding and he knew how to make valuable allies. His battles amounted the incredible number of 40 in total and he managed to win the majority only losing twice. His most significant battle is the one where he defeated the head of the Ottoman’s Empire, Soliman-Pașa.

   In conclusion. Ștefan cel Mare was a great leader by supporting the culture, fighting with real courage and being the head of the table in every aspect possible.

   Before we move forward to the gentleman that made a huge impact to our country, here are some honorable mentions: Mihai the Brave, Dimitrie Cantemir, Grigore Alexandru Ghica.

   Our journey meets its’ end in the 19’th century, where we find the man of honor. Alexandru Ioan Cuza set himself above everyone else because he was more interested in what people had to say, in their needs, than about being a “rich boss”. He was paying all his attention in one direction – unification. His dream was to see Romania as a united country, not as a divided system that barely works on its’ own; and thus he invested his diplomatic actions for adopting the Criminal Code and the Civil Code (based on the Napoleonic code), he made it a possibility that any kind of man (unfortunately women did not have the right to vote back then), whatever the man was rich or poor, could vote. He implemented the Law Of Education, which consisted in compulsory public education for primary schools. Cuza established the free tuition and founded the prestigious University of Iași and the Romanian Naval Forces. In the military court, he developed an army after the European-style and worked in modernizing his country in relationship with France.

What I think is one of the most important accomplishments he ever achieved is that his reforms marked the disappearance of the boyar class as a privileged group. All this created a bridge of focused attention between capitalism and industrialization. His land reforms – liberating people from the lower classes from a life of forced labour – was a sign of hope and that things were getting better, and better they did. The problem was when higher-power people began to see him as a tyrant and a traitor.

Imagine that the man was being supportive of people from lower classes. That some politician! While we all know that state expenses always go up, in his time that happened without any tax burden.

   I think we can conclude on the fact that Alexandru Ioan Cuza was a well regarded ruler for the fact that he really cared for our country and he wanted to see it moving forward united under one banner. He pointed well enough that education and human rights are the most important aspects that should never be overlooked and he brought the modern perspective of a liberal society while making the necessary changes to the structure of the state .  That’s why he will always remain the founder of the modern Romania and the national hero that we all love and forever respect.

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Author: Trifan Raluca Cristina