First time in Iasi or in Romania? Interested in knowing more about our city, tips and tricks and many other aspects connected to our country?

ESN Iasi has a new campaign, this time available right here. FAQs by ESN Iasi is designed for everyone who wants to fill in the cultural and general gaps concerning his or her studying experience.


What does the abbreviation “FAQs” mean? The term stands for Frequently Asked Questions. Now, let us explain how this campaign works:

Firstly, we gather all your questions related to subjects such as: student life in Romania/Iasi (university-related, dorms, extracurricular activities), Iasi (living in this city, opportunities, interesting places, etc.), Romania (culture related questions - the arts, gastronomy, places to visit, etc.)

Secondly, we filter your questions and choose the most interesting ones, then we try to answer them frankly and in a useful way.

Lastly, we post the Q&As in a special special sections.



If you didn’t get the chance to ask us something, try using the form below. We’ll answer your questions as soon as possible!