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If you’re reading this, it definitely means that you’re coming to Iași *omg yeey*. So, welcome to our amazing city, a place worth visiting! Here you’ll experience the student life in the most prestigious universities in Romania, you’ll certainly make friends and unforgettable memories and you’ll be amazed by the wonderful history and culture of our city. Oh and by the way…You will SURELY have lots of FUN because Iași has everything a young person wishes. 

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Iasi Airport is the only airport in our city. It is not a big one, but it has several internal (from/to Bucharest, Cluj) and external flights, from and to cities such as Paris (Beauvais), London (Luton), Rome (Fiumicino, Ciampino), Turin, Milan (Bergamo), Bruxelles, Barcelona, Viena, Eindhoven and few more. * here’s the official website of the airport and you can choose English for more info.

The airport is located at about 8km NE from the city centre, so it is a bit in the middle of nowhere (near Ciric Lake, trust me, you’ll find out later about it and you’ll love it!) but don’t freak out! You’re not going to spend the night there, ‘cause you have plenty of options to get wherever you want. 

There is an airport bus (Bus 50), that has a specific schedule, according to the flights. The Bus 50 has also a specific route: from Iasi Airport – Targu Cucu Station- Independence Square (Piata Independentei) – Iasi Train Station (Gara Iasi)/ from Iasi Train Station- Union Square (Piata Unirii) – Targu Cucu Station – Iasi Airport (these are some of the major stations in Iasi, so don’t worry).  * here’s the bus schedule, it is in Romanian, I know, but: Statia Aeroport (spre Gara) = Airport Station (to Iasi Train Station) and Statia Gara (spre Aeroport) = Iasi Train Station (to the Airport) / “spre” means “to something” and “Luni”=Monday, “Duminică”=Sunday.

*You can pay for the ticket in the bus; there are some blue ticket machines, where you can pay contactless (by credit card)  for a ticket. It costs 3 lei ( around 60 cents) and it is valid 120 minutes

** There are also QR codes and you can scan them and pay your ticket, using the app 24pay GooglePlay AppStore

***There should also be a kiosk/machine for buying tickets, but it may not always be opened/working.

Also, you’ll find cabs (taxis) at the airport. This transport means is more expensive (somewhere around 30/40 RON depending on your destination), as it depends on the route and if you take it during daytime or nighttime (it costs more). To the city centre, it should take around 15 minutes. If there are no cabs and you want one, just google “Taxi Iasi” and your browser will generate different taxi companies’ numbers. It is advised to take an official taxi, preferably with a taximeter. This can prevent the driver from taxing you extra.

Some advice: if you take a cab, make sure you remember the licence plate (ex. IS 01 LUU) and maybe the company name (It should be written on the car; ex. Lux Taxi, Euro Taxi etc). It’s easier if you forget something in there etc.

At the same time, you can go for an Uber or Bolt ride. Set your location (Iasi Airport) and where you want to go ( ex. Cămin C5, cămin T8 – student dorms). This method is cheaper and safer and also more comfortable. 

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If you’re landing on Henri Coanda International Airport (Bucharest) also known as Otopeni, you are quite far from our beautiful city, Iasi. 

But, don’t worry, you can choose to buy a ticket for a bus ride from the Airport to Iasi with a travelling company, such as Teisa or Massaro. The ticket should be around 80-100 lei (around 18-20 euros) and the bus ride to Iasi takes around 6-7 hours.

You can also come to Iasi by train. This means that you have to take the airport bus (Bus 780) in order to arrive at Gara de Nord (The Northern Train Station). This bus comes from 40 to 40 minutes and a ticket costs 3,5 lei (around 70 cents). Here’s a link with the bus schedule for the 780 Bus, from the Airport to Gara de Nord (it’s also in Romanian, but „Zi de lucru” means „Working day”- Monday to Friday/ „Sambata”, „Duminica”= „Saturday”, „Sunday”.

*At Henri Coanda Airport there should be some ticket kiosks, but you should be able to buy tickets contactless, from the bus (as in Iasi).

Once you arrive at Gara de Nord, you have to buy a train ticket. It should cost around 109 lei (22 euros) and the ride will be around 6-7h. Something that you should keep in mind if you want to go by train: the last train from Bucharest to Iasi leaves at 22:50. This is the official train website (might be useful: “Data plecarii” = departure date, “Stația de plecare”= departure station, “Stația de sosire”= arrival station)