Let’s take a walk further down memory lane. Since 2018, ESN Iasi has been organizing the Tandem Language Exchange event. You might be asking yourself what this event is all about? Well, let’s take a look into the past. 

Back when we didn’t have social distancing, wearing masks and confinement weren’t something that crossed our minds, ESN Iasi organized various events, such as the Tandem Language Exchange. 


The main goal of the event was to encourage the Erasmus students to learn a new language and teach their own in a fun and competitive way. 


During the event, students had different tasks to complete, either to learn something in a new language or deepen their language skills in their target language. The best part of this event was seeing how students from all over the world gathered in one place and shared a part of their country and culture. Furthermore, there were students teaching and learning more than one language or a language that’s not as widely known as others.


In the end there was only one winner but everyone left with new friends, new language skills or both.


Language is one of the most important tools to understand a culture, a point of view and the history of a population or a group of people, it brings people together and opens our eyes to new ideas and ways of understanding and seeing the world around us.

We hope to relive this experience either online or as soon as it’ll be possible to share with a big group of people in one place and share a part of us, our countries and our culture. 


To this wonderful memory, 

ESN Iasi