The word has it, that every year, around this time, a very cute bunny comes to our houses and leaves a basket full of red painted eggs. But where does this bunny actually comes from?

   The legend has it that the Easter’s Bunny comes from the 1590’s Germany and somehow it paved its’ way into our hearts. It is also said that the name:”Easter” has its’ origin from the Anglo-Saxon’s name ”Eostre”, which was the goddess of spring. She once saw a beautiful bird losing its’ passion to sing due to the wounds it had. Eostre saved the bird by transforming it into a bunny. In a miraculous way, the bunny could still have eggs.

   You may wonder how the first sweets in the shape of a bunny appeared ..well.. they seemed to be pretty sweet :3

   They were invented in the 19th century, in Germany and they were initially made out of cotton-candy. They were offered to children in the beginning. Do you remember your first cotton candy? It fells like yesterday, doesn’t it? Thankfully now, no matter how much we grow up, we enjoy a good chocolate bunny every “Easter and a while”. There is a saying that I love to quote: ”Time can quickly pass by, but at heart, children we shall be!” .

This tradition continues to exist in almost every part of our world. A difference would be that the bunny might be replaced with other animal figures.

   In other words, let’s wait for the bunny to arrive at our houses and then, let’s clash the Easter eggs together. Let me know in the comments below if the Easter bunny lost your basket and I will make sure to bring you some! Also let me know how many eggs did you clash with your family and friends and don’t forget to save something for the “cozonac” as well.

   Happy Easter everyone!


Author: Cristina Raluca Trifan