No matter if you want a teeth whitening or you have a tooth that bothers you, this dentist can help you to have the nicest smile ever!

For our ESNcard holders, Dr. Nechita Radu has a special discount!



Normal price

ESNcard price


100 RON

50 RON

Detartraj+Periaj/ Scaling and Brushing

170 RON

120 RON

Detartraj+Periaj+AirFlow/ Scaling, Brushing and Airflow

220 RON

170 RON

Tratament leziune carioasa profunda (obturatii)/ Deep root cavities treatment (fillings)

200 RON

150 RON

Tratament leziune carioasa superficiala/ Superficial cavities treatment

150 RON

100 RON

Tratament leziune carioasa dinti frontali/ Front teeth cavities treatment

250 RON

200 RON

Tratament endodontic dinte monoradicular/ Endodontic treatment for monoradicular tooth

350 RON

300 RON

Tratament endodontic dinte pluriradicular/ Endodontic treatment for pluriradicular tooth

500 RON

450 RON

Reconstructie cu pivot din fibra de sticla/ Fiberglass pivot reconstruction

130 RON

80 RON

Extractie dinte monoradiclar/ Monoradicular tooth extraction

150 RON

100 RON

Extractie dinte pluriradicular/ Pluriradicular tooth extraction

200 RON

150 RON

Coroana ceramic a pe suport de zirconiu/ Cermic crown on zirconium holder

900 RON

700 RON