Are you new here and you wish to know where the best place to spend a few bucks is?

   But also..have fun?

   Well, don’t worry, we got you. Lay back and let us be your guide.

First, we need to talk about “Petru”, because there you can find anything your heart or well your stomach may desire, from pretzels, strudels, to something that looks like a hotdog, but it’s similar to a pretzel (CovriKing), sandwiches, croissants and delicious pizza. After a long day of working, studying or actually going to classes, you could really use a place almost near to anything (like literally, it’s everywhere!). They got some really good prices and besides that, they offer a discount of almost 50% during the evening after you’re done with classes and need something warm to fill you up. Sounds pretty good to me.

If you still prefer something more “traditional”, let’s say, “Mămuca” is the place for you. They have all kinds of great sandwiches and desserts and if that doesn’t sound like a deal, I don’t know what does.

Next, we find the game lovers in their favorite place. Yes, you read that right! You can find one of the best places to go out at “Viper Club”, just down the stairs from the main entry to Iulius Mall (but don’t be fooled as this is no ordinary club), what makes it unique you ask? Great question! I have just as great of an answer for you, the Arcade. Now, we all are familiar with the famous Japanese style Arcade, where all kinds of games rule the world. For example, if you are a “Star Wars” fan, you can “fly” with just one chip. Everything there is based on chips. You insert the chip into the machine and then you experience the power of controlling a speeder while either being chased by the “bad guys”, or being the pilot that is going to save the galaxy once more. However, if you just want to ban the “bad guys” from existence, you can choose to play the “Terminator”, where you shoot your way out of everything.

If still, that isn’t your type of game, you can shoot your shot at being a true pirate. Careful, this involves a lot of fun! You should bring two more friends with you, because one of you is going to be a fighter, and a fighter always needs a right hand, right? And the third person is going to play Jack Sparrow on the rudder.

If your middle name is “speed”, which I doubt but you never know, I got the perfect game for you. You can race your friend and prove that you’re the new Vin Diesel for the upcoming “Fast and Furious” movie, by just operating the steering wheel and pressing the pedal to the metal.

If cars ain’t really your style, they got motorcycles too. You can also choose to play basketball with your friends and see which one has more LeBron James potential.


If you prefer an alternative, maybe closer to you, you can go visit the “Exhibition Park”, in the “Copou” part of town, where they also have a non-stop fully automated Arcade. And since it is so close to the “Botanical Garden”, you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with a delicious cake at “Teahouse”. They have really good prices and the entry tickets at the “Botanical Garden” are half the price for students. You can maybe play some card games with your friends while spending time in nature or have a nice picnic by the lake.

But enough with the games, let’s go back to my favorite topic, coffee.

Nearby the University Palace is the “Erasmus Cafe”, and also “Harmony” just up the street, like literally. A wonderful, quiet, yet busy place and pretty full at any given moment of the day, where they serve different types of coffee for just 10 lei. And they bring that with water as well. It is a place to chill, work in peace, read a book, share a memory with a friend or relative. Of course, our “Erasmus Cafe” is also a great place to drink coffee. Besides that, you can find great coffee at the mall for just 7 lei, or at “Teo’s Cafe”, or at “5 to go”.


So, with that being said, I’m ready to get my coffee! Give us a share and express your opinion in the comments below, on which place deserves the Oscar for being the best coffee shop in town. 

Author: Cristina Trifan