ESN Iasi is more than a student organization and that is proved by every single smile that we put on every Erasmus student who takes part in one of our events or activities. But what happens behind all these amazing initiatives and how can you keep so many volunteers motivated to get involved every single time? 

   We are a big family and we passed the test of time because we are all driven by the desire to fulfil our mission of integrating the Erasmus students in the local community. 

   A teambuilding is no news for a student organization, but ESN’s way of doing it makes it unique each semester. So, this December marked another productive and bounding teambuilding for the ESN volunteers, especially when the new joiners are so eager to learn and become a real team.

   The two days teambuilding gathered the board, old and new volunteers with Alumni members, all having a chance to learn, to have a better insight on what Erasmus Student Network stands for, and in between workshops and energizers we all got to know each other better. The people in charge, Roxana Cotofanu, Sebastian Miron and Ciprian Vararu, came up with many interesting ideas and took good care of every detail in order for us to enjoy an amazing experience. 

    Simona Brudariu, our lovely president, officially opened the teambuilding, with a motivating speech on how important it is for us to collaborate in order to turn all the ideas that we have into reality. No more than 4 workshops have been held by Alumni members and volunteers, each being a valuable source of information. Ancuta Cotlet helped us understand that a good speech has to be supported by a natural posture and movement, during her Public speaking workshop. The next person to make us see how we can shape for the better the way we communicate with the people around us was Andreea Micnea with her workshop on Assertive communication. Ladies first, gentlemen second! Alex Mitan and Sebastian Miron turned the second day of the teambuilding into an intense journey to getting to know ourselves and the ones around us without being judgmental, through two workshops: Ask me anything: lightning round and Learn how to love yourself. A special guest stopped by our team building, Andreea Leonte, and after pointing out how substantial her history with ESN is, she ensured us that together we can do amazing things, and no matter where we start, we can become the persons we are dreaming about. 

   Lots of games, stories, funny memories were shared and the organizing team was thrilled by the eagerness and excitement of the volunteers. 

Everyone was visited in advance by Santa, the teambuilding T-shirt being not only the confirmation of taking part in the activity but also the concrete representation of the feeling that we belong to a family. The last thing that can be said about ESN’s team building is that we can’t wait for the next one! We are able to do the things we do because we are a great team and we support and listen to each other.    

 Once an ESN’er, always an ESN’er!


Maria Andreea Fotache