Hello, Erasmus students and welcome to our beautiful city of Iași. We are very happy to have you here with us and we hope that you're all safe and healthy. Before anything else, we think there is something very important for you to know, that is also very helpful.


So, welcome (back) to Romanian 101, where you can learn some phrases to help you make more friends and communicate easily. We’ve created a short recap of our Romanian 101 series, including here basic infos for you, the ones that will arrive soon in Iasi.


These things that you are about to learn might help you impress your Romanian friends, teachers or even a date, who knows? Hope you can tell us afterwards, in case you're up for this challenge. 


As well, we recommend you to check out our first articles from Romanian 101, for more specific info. 


Common phrases


How are you? - Ce faci/faceți (plural)? 

I'm fine. - Sunt bine. 

I don't feel so good. - Nu mă simt așa bine. 


Thank you for asking! - Mulțumesc că m-ai întrebat! 


What are you doing today? - Ce faci astăzi? 

Would you like to go for a walk? - Ți-ar plăcea să mergem la o plimbare? 


What do you like to do? - Ce îți place să faci? 

What do you think about this? - Ce crezi despre asta? 

I have a question. - Am o întrebare. 


Where are we going? - Unde mergem? 

I would like to visit.. - Mi-ar plăcea să vizitez.. 

Where are you? - Unde ești? 


I need some help with.. - Am nevoie de ajutor cu.. 

May I help you? - Te pot ajuta? 


I can't wait to see you again. - Abia aștept să te văd din nou. 




I feel.. - Mă simt.. 



good - bine

bad - rău 

nervous - emoționat/ă (f) 

full of hope - plin/ă (f) de speranță 

sick - bolnav/ă (f) 

stressed - stresat/ă (f)

Georgiana Spulber