Every culture is original and has its own sayings when it comes to humor, proverbs and even quotes passed down from generation to generation. 

Nowadays it is very easy to access a dictionary and translate the idea you need, but a dictionary will not be able to translate the meaning of certain expressions! And that’s why this time, our Romanian language lesson will focus more on this aspect and we will transport you directly into the depths of Romanian civilization! 





“A băga mâna în foc pentru cineva. “

“To put your hand in a fire for someone.”

It doesn't even refer to the act of burning your hand. When you trust a person so much that there could be no possibility of being wrong about them. And then “you put your hand in fire” for that person. 

“La Paștele cailor”

“At horse’s Easter”

If you hear a Romanian saying this, it means that he is sarcastic and in fact what you propose  will never happen.

“A-ți lua inima în dinți.”

”To take your heart in your teeth.”

When you are very scared and nervous, but finally you feel brave enough to do that which scares you, then you take your heart in your teeth!

”A bate câmpii.”

”To run the fields with grace.”

If the teacher tells you that you are running the fields with grace, that means your answer is not on the subject at all and you tried to fool them.

” A-ți pica fisa.”

”To drop your coin.”

When you think a lot about a very important problem and suddenly you drop your coin! You suddenly realize the solution.

”A-i sări muștarul cuiva.”

”Someone’s mustard has jumped off.”

If you hear someone saying that the mustard jumped off, then you managed to annoy that person!

“A avea mintea creață.”

”To have a curly mind.”

This can be a compliment or the opposite.When someone tells you that you have a curly mind, it means that you have very crazy ideas that might be difficult for some people to understand.

”A ști ceva ca pe Tatăl Nostru.”

”To know something like the Lord’s Prayer.”

This is a word that has to do with the religious part of  Romanian people. When you know something like the Lord's prayer, it means that you know it by  heart, you know it very well.

“A vinde gogoși cuiva.”

”To sell doughnuts to someone.”

Apparently this fact has no other meaning than a good one. But the meaning is actually a negative one! Selling donuts to someone means trying to lie or fool that person.

”A freca menta.”

”To rub the mint.”

What can it mean to rub mint? The meaning of this expression is to do nothing when a friend asks you what you are doing. Being so lazy that you have nothing to do.

”A fi dus cu pluta.”

”To be gone on a raft.”

If you want to tell someone in a more discreet and amusing way that he/she is crazy, you will tell him/her  that they are gone on a raft. 


Giorgiana Stanciuc