Hi, my name is Ruxandra, but everybody calls me Rux. I’m studying Math and Computer Science at UAIC Iasi. Graphic design is one of my biggest passions, but I also enjoy writing, doing makeup and learning a lot of random things. When I’m not doing these things, I watch murder case documentaries. Currently, I am the Social-Media Coordinator.


I joined ESN at the beginning of 2020, because I felt like I could develop myself as a designer in a team like this. Little did I know that this was the start of an amazing journey. Here I found a lot of new friends, learned how to work in a team and what it’s like to do a lot of other things, like managing my time in a smart way, dividing my work in smaller tasks, or how to deal with stressful and overwhelming situations.


It was tough to be a new volunteer, I was pretty shy, but everybody tried to make me feel comfortable at the meetings and at workshops. Because of the pandemic, most of the activities got cancelled, but even like this, I somehow managed to be an active volunteer. 


What motivated me to keep staying? Let’s say ESN is like a big family for me right now. I found  role models here, people that are passionate about what they’re doing and that come from different backgrounds and have different stories.


.Funny memory? Sometimes I try to do everything by myself due to this my department coordinator doesn’t let me do extra tasks hahaha.


If you want to start volunteering, ESN is one of the best choices, you constantly learn and develop yourself, try new things and have a good time doing amazing stuff. Don’t doubt yourself with this choice or any. If you feel it’s good for you, it’s your best choice.