Hello, I am Roxana, but my closest friends call me by my family name, Cărăbuș, which basically means beetle. I am a student at the Faculty of Letters at UAIC. I am a procrastinator, but I always get the job done. I don’t consider myself an avid reader, but I appreciate a good book that can make me forget about reality for a brief moment. I am a really big fan of stand-up comedy shows. Nothing can relax me better than a good laugh.  I am very curious and that is why I know a lot of irrelevant fun facts. 

I have been a volunteer in this association for over a year now.  At first, the only person I knew was Maria, who is one of my best friends and maybe if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have joined ESN.  My first memory with ESN is also the first meeting that I attended. And what struck me was how much energy the older volunteers brought. They really lifted the mood and the whole atmosphere in the room changed.  That was the moment when I realized that I made a good decision and that I just joined an awesome association. 

What made me continue being part of ESN was the fact that there were opportunities to develop and grow that were suitable for everyone: from meeting new people from different cultures, to practising your language, social and organizing skills.  Whenever I considered that I could help, I didn’t hesitate to say yes and that made me realize that I am more capable than I thought. Basically, what motivated me to stay here was my peers’ encouragement, their energy, positivity and acceptance.

One memory I hold close to my heart is the Christmas meeting where we sang carols and ate tangerines. We exchanged presents and even Santa showed up. We were just one big family, sharing joy and love. 

My advice for the ones who have the slightest intention to join us is to stop wondering and asking” what ifs” and simply join us. ESN means more than just volunteering and once you taste our energy, you will get addicted.