"My name is Lucia and I'm half Costa Rican, half American. I'm a student here, in Romania. I study at the Faculty of Letters of Cuza University and I got here like one year ago. I really like learning new languages and travelling, and just being in Romania has made it easier for me to move around and visit different countries.

ESN reminded me a lot of an organization that I used to volunteer for in Costa Rica which is called AFS. I was actually very happy to have been integrated into ESN because I got to learn more about Romania and Iaşi. I was able to make connections and friends that I didn't expect to make at the beginning. I think the objective of ESN is very important because when you come to a new country that you don't know anything about it is very useful to have someone that can help you accommodate yourself and make it less stressful.

For the new people who would like to join ESN and also for the rest of the volunteers my advice is: be open to this new experience! I would also say have no expectations and enjoy it. Don't push yourself too hard because it should be something that you want to do, something that comes from your spirit, not something that is forced."