"My name is Alexandra, current Board Counsellor and former PR Vice President (or Communication Manager as the cool kids call it these days). Some of my passions would be drawing (even if I don’t do it that often anymore), fantasy worlds, travel (original, I know), architecture and photography. It’s hard to make a list, as I find quite often something new that catches my attention.

Now, enough about me personally and more about ESN. I have been a member for 3 years. I started unofficially 4 years ago when I used to come to some events with my friends who were already volunteers and fell in love with the environment. When I joined I did it in the idea of meeting new people and to improve my graphics abilities. Little did I know that later I would become a member of the board. This helped me discover and develop skills I never thought I possessed. I’ve gradually become more comfortable with the people and also started to get more and more involved.

The moment when I started to discover what ESN Iasi truly has to offer was the Winter Trip. We organized a visit to Sighișoara, Sibiu, The Fairies’ Valley, Corvin Castle and Alba Iulia for the Erasmus students and tried to offer them the best experience that we, as a group of volunteers, could. For me, it went only up from there.

Some advice I would give, especially for the new members, would be to try to learn more about all the departments and also try to find ways to evolve here. For example when I joined I used to be in the Design team and I was only doing graphics and that was it. Now I regret it a bit because it would have been nice to also get involved with other things and to try to help in other departments like Events and HR and try some stuff in those parts too. But hey, it’s never too late to start your ESN journey."