Tell me if you disagree with me when I say that some days might look like your biggest enemies when I am talking about your productivity, your mood, or your habits. Is this true? Is it just me or are we in this together? If we are on the same team, I want to congratulate you. You are being honest with yourself and with the people around you (or maybe with the ones far away from you) even on these challenging days. I am going through some changes and because I want to be a good team player, I would like to talk to you about some important facts that might be helpful.


Your mind is your best friend, but also your worst enemy

If you catch yourself with lack of productivity or all you want to do all day is sit and talk to your best friend, it's alright. I am feeling this way some days too. You shouldn't be feeling guilty for missing your friends or for being a little lazier these days (our comfortable clothes are not helping either, I know). All that matters is that tomorrow we will have another chance to be more productive and to be more focused on the other things that matter to us.

To make some space in your mind for new ideas and new projects for yourself, you need to let go of the things that are not serving you anymore. To do that, you can take some time and realize what are the most common things that cross your mind on a day. If those thoughts or worries are not helping you grow, challenge yourself or recreating yourself then, darling, it is time to throw them away like some old and unnecessary clothes.


Your mind needs some relaxation just like other muscle

Yoga, meditation, music or stretching can make such a big difference for all of us, especially in these moments. I understand if you are experiencing moments of tiredness without a certain reason or you are more irascible than usual. Spending time at home for a long time can cause this kind of problems and just 30 minutes of yoga can transform you into another person. Meditation is also a great idea, and we are so lucky to have access to many applications on our phones that can introduce us to this amazing world. Remember not to give up on the first session! It might look a little strange at first, but trust me, the best is about to come!


The best thing you can do is to stand still, while moving forward

This is the best time to get to know yourself better than ever before! We were so used to be around people that we forget to be surrounded by ourselves sometimes. The best gift you can give to yourself is to be with yourself. To enjoy your company, even when you are annoying. Even when you are sad and especially when you are happy and proud of yourself. If you can understand your friend when he/she is having a hard time, it is your job to understand yourself better than ever when you are going through something.


How to transform your home into your favourite place

We often say that we will change our habits and we will transform them into something special and creative. I think the biggest mistake we make while planning those changes is that we are trying to reach the highest standards from the very beginning. Because of that, we start to give up on them when we realize it is too hard. Baby steps are the answer. Some of the best habits you can develop while staying at home are the easiest and simplest to adopt. To convince you, I will give you three ideas with whom to start.

Firstly, you can start by eating healthier during the week time. I know it is tempting to eat all those good snacks during your favourite movie, but your body will start to feel more and more tired and this will not help you at all. On the other hand, if you change your diet to a healthier one, the energy will come to you right away!

Secondly, we all know that knowledge is power, right? So, who does not want to be powerful? I bet you do, so, in order to gain more power, I advise you to develop a new habit in which you choose to watch a documentary instead of a TV series once a week. It can be very useful and you can learn so many interesting and beautiful things while relaxing at your comfortable place. This period will be over, but you will remain with a lot of new information.

Lastly, the best advice I can give you so that to develop a new habit is to train yourself to be more organized and more aware of the impact that things have around you, especially now when you are at home most of the time. A clean place leads to a clean mind so don't waste more time and transform your place like never before. I know you can do it!

We hope these tips will help you and if you see any results in your routine, don't forget to share them with your loved ones. Everyone needs some positivity in their lives, so let's share more of that.

Iulia Ardeleanu