Have you just finished high school and are about to start what so many call "university life"? Or are you already a responsible adult who already has a job, but wants to change it? 

You might be asking yourself, what comes next?

Well, most people would say a job, but in these times that we're living one may find oneself in a difficult position when hunting for one. It was hard enough before the pandemic, but now it is a whole new story. We would like to help you on your journey. 

Volunteering plays an incredibly important role in one's future career, it helps future employees familiarise themselves with responsibilities, tasks they might face, working in a team and even being in a leadership position. We all struggle to “find” more time, but never say never to a class that might help you in the future. Give that extra course a shot because you never know what might actually come out of that!

Naturally, after gaining the skills comes the hunt. Try finding out what is the best option that works for you and start applying to jobs that suit you. Maybe you won’t get your dream job by handing out resumes at companies, but at least you will get an idea of the job market. 

A key factor is how your resume looks. It should contain basic information about yourself, your volunteering and your qualifications. Try using an interesting template to make it stand out. Add a little company knowledge next to a flawless resume and you will prove to your interviewer that you didn't just apply to a random job, but that you actually took some time to analyse the company and figure out if they are compatible with you.

And lastly, never forget to seek out the best in yourself and in every opportunity that you encounter along the way!

Ruxandra Romascu