On December 3rd we had our first event from our ongoing project “The First Step in Career Planning”. Our special guest was Manuela Iftimoaei, the European Project Manager of “Alături de voi Foundation. This first online session within our project was based on the topic of youth and their contribution in supporting the UN’s resolutions.

         This topic was chosen because it is believed that teens are the future, that young people themselves are the solution and that they often come up with extremely good ideas when it comes to priorities and development strategies in any line of work.

         The project “Build Solid Ground” was presented, it started in 2018 and it is scheduled to finish in February of 2021. It is basically a three-year program, financed by the European Union, that is about education for developing the awareness of the public eye. The key-objectives of this project are: informing the people of the E.U. on raising awareness on global development goals, fighting against poverty, giving European citizens access to the information they need in order to form their own critical point of view regarding the resolutions

         Another subject that was discussed during the Intro Session was the resolutions of sustainable development and what they entail. The global resolutions are basically a universal call to action in order to end poverty, to protect the planet, and to assure peace and prosperity among the people. The UN has 17 resolutions and we assumed those resolutions when Romania became a member of the UN back in 2015.

         An example that’s relevant in this case, regarding the resolutions of the UN, is resolution number 11: “Sustainable cities and communities”. Long story short, until 2030 the goal is to provide everyone with proper housing, good safety measures and accessible prices.

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