Hear me out! If you put together an excited and curious student, an adventurous and memorable Erasmus exchange, an amazing and fun group of volunteers, mix them together for one semester or maybe a year, you should get one of the most interesting experiences ever explored.


A key ingredient in the magical recipe of creating an unforgettable Erasmus experience is represented by the collective desire to get every student to understand and (why not?) taste parts of different cultures, while also contributing at the making of this exciting mixt of visions, textures and flavors. Now imagine you are a young student in search of new ventures, maybe you want to become a volunteer, maybe you want to take on an Erasmus exchange. Wouldn’t it be really awesome if at some point in your journey you stumbled upon a team of volunteers which is going to map your path through the new city, invite you to be part of various events, while also making sure you feel integrated and surrounded by new friends as much as possible. But wouldn’t it be even more exciting if you switched sides for a moment and saw this through an Erasmus Student Network volunteer’s eyes? And to give you a glimpse of the backstage of our organization, let me invite you to our well-known International Dinner


Now that all the food-related hints at the beginning make sense, you should bring a plate, because by the end of this article, you will at least want to try on some new foods. Every semester, a great deal of volunteers organizes the International Dinner, an event meant to bring the newly-arrived Erasmus generation around the vast table of cultural and gastronomical diversity. Every country is invited to bring something to the table, whether we’re talking about some traditional Asian soup, some Italian pasta or lasagna, some Spanish sangria, or some freshly baked French croissants. The wow factor which amazes us each semester is embodied by the palpable dedication and hard work put into cooking and honorably recreating the classical dishes of every country. The initiative behind this dinner finds its motivation in the desire to shape the world for better understanding and acceptance of the differences that each of us carries along the way. We are brought together by the spirit of exploring tastes, and through tastes new cultures and further on new views and manners of life. Joint by this diversity, we are all the promoters of a healthier integration and inclusion. 


After we test and surprise out taste buds with all kinds of foods and drinks, the jury decides which countries will comprise the podium, and three of them will be rewarded for their dishes. Another fact about this International Dinner is that us, the volunteers, have our own table, where we place our traditional foods which are to be tasted by the foreign students. Bottom line, it is an extremely well-designed and organized event, which sets the standard for the semester ahead. It is a great opportunity to explore the new in terms of cultures, foods, people. 

So, if you are fond of volunteering, but maybe also of food, add your own special ingredient to our delightful recipe.