ESNmemories is meant to remind us about the good old days before the pandemic, about the feelings we had back then, the people we met and the places we visited together, as ESNers or as students. 


Walking down memory lane, we remember about the 2019 Countryside Trip to Sticlăria, where Erasmus students alongside our amazing volunteers spent a great time with a traditional and loving countryside family. 


Back then, in December of 2019 Social Inclusion Days represented the perfect context to explore a part of the Romanian lifestyle that is usually underrated.

As soon as the sun rose, we gathered together with a group of Erasmus students and started our trip to Sticlăria, a village near Iași. The emotions increased as we got closer and closer to our destination, having just a few clues about what we were going to experience.

Our main host, mister Constantin, welcomed us into his house and prepared one of the most unique and interesting days of our Erasmus experience.

Traditional food crowded many tables and the unforgettable cart rides made the students fall in love with the old Romanian customs. We also learned a bit more about our folklore and heritage, had a private flute concert and saw how țuica is made. Grandma Lenuța gave a small demonstration of how to work the loom and sew a traditional "ie". There are not enough words to describe the intensity of every moment spent there or  the warmth of the people.


Hopefully, when things get better, we will have the same trip again, feeling more appreciative of our little gatherings and being more grateful for the times we spend together and for the adventure that’s always around the corner, when we are surrounded by a family like ours, by the ESN Family. 


With love, 

ESN Iasi.