Can you sense that? There's a new feeling in the air in ESN Iași... it's RECRUITING TIME!

If you want to explore and test your abilities or to learn and grow, Erasmus Student Network is the perfect environment for you!

This semester we are looking especially for people that wish to join our Marketing and PR team.

Designers or visual content creators to put it in more fancy terms - skills required: knowledge in Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva or any other software that can help create Facebook banners and visuals for different types of campaigns.

Copywriters - skills required: flow with words and an advanced level of English.

Photographers - skills required: able to capture the best moments of our events.

Webmaster - Skills required: previous experience with administrating a website and submitting content. Extra points for knowing how to work with Drupal and for having some HTML skills

Now you must wonder what is this organization and why should you join?!

ESN Iași is a non-profit student organization run by a group of enthusiastic young people who are volunteering to facilitate the integration of the Erasmus+ students in Iaşi and provides opportunities for intercultural exchange and personal development.

Volunteering gives you the occasion to learn new things about people and culture, helping you grow both as a person and professionally. You have the chance to discover your hidden talent and passion, work in a team, create bonds and develop skills you didn't even know you possess.

Who can join?

Everyone that meets the profile from above and is a student or recent graduate (being a former Erasmus student is NOT a criterion)

If we caught your attention feel free to check our page and see what we are all about or even * gasp * come and meet us in person on the interviews!

Apply here

ESN Iasi