What makes ESN such a great environment to grow and to be motivated is staying true to our mission. At the core of all our initiatives, there is a simple and meaningful statement, ‘Students helping students’, which this organization tries to turn into reality through smaller and bigger projects. 


Today’s article is a throwback to a previous one, talking about our pursuit of creating a Youth Exchange Project from scratch. ‘Get out, get healthy’ is meant to involve the students from across the world, in eye-opening activities concerning the idea that we can find the solutions to our discomfort in the simplest things in life. Reconnecting with the nature around us, expressing our emotions, good or bad, when needed, creating friendships and memories, understanding that, at the end of the day, we can have a clearer, lighter state of mind just by choosing the right alternatives and letting go of what we can’t control are, in short, the project’s purposes. 


But as for everything we can’t control, the first application got us 5 points away from being sponsored. Is this a situation when we would feel discouraged? The answer is simple and it is ‘No’. Our volunteers understood that beyond this outcome, we were just given the opportunity to make the project even more impactful, to shape it for the better in order not only to be funded, but also to reach the goals we set. Bearing this in mind, the same team will get back to work and come up with the most effective solutions for what needs to be improved. There is always room for improvement and considering ESN’s enthusiasm and energy, we put all our hopes into the second application. 


The desire to integrate people from all over the world and to create a safe environment in which all of us, volunteers and students, can grow, learn and develop drives us to keep going and to put all our efforts into mapping the future. And as unpredictable as it may seem, the future we aspire to is bright and full of experiences meant to make us stronger, to shape our vision and to align us for each challenge. This second Youth Exchange Project is just a piece of the ‘social puzzle’ we try to complete in our mission. 

Stay tuned, stay healthy! 


Maria Andreea Fotache