ESN is about Students helping students, fun, learning new things, support for the Erasmus students and focus on their integration in the local community.  Every ESN activity means cooperation, caring for each other, respecting each culture and trying to find something that suits every student, no matter where she or he comes from. Now, what if we take it to the next level? Let’s give some ESN Iasi’s joy and freshness to other people too, not necessarily to our lovely local students, but to students and volunteers from abroad, at least, just for a couple of days.

This is how our Erasmus+ project begins… with the desire of sharing great things that we do here in Iasi with other people, in a new formula.


After writing the first YE project – ”Social Puzzle” - organized by our local NGO, two creative ESN Iasi’s volunteers thought it would be right to disseminate the information to other ESNers. So, in April 2020, the Organizing Committee reached out to some of our amazing volunteers. They all thought it would be the best time to create something new: an Erasmus Youth Exchange project, that will focus on health and well-being. We all know that these past few months were not exactly the happiest and most active of our lives, but everything that has been going on motivated us to develop a project that will help us recover our connection with nature, with friends, with new people. Despite all the pandemic-related restrictions, we managed to stay in touch via several videocalls, in which we brainstormed our ideas and gave each other feedbacks.

The path to a well written and organized project was surely with ups and downs. We had our moments ofI’m really out of ideas or “I can’t figure that out”, but with great perseverance, discipline, cooperation and understanding, we managed to build from scratch something that – fingers crossed – will appear in its final form in July 2021. Until then, we will have to wait for the official answer, to see if the project will pass the evaluation process.


The best thing about this early organizing experience is that we managed to put everything together, piece by piece, even though we were kilometers apart from each other. Communication is key and where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Special thanks to the smartest and hard-working YE organizing team of ESN Iasi and see you all (maybe even you, dear reader!) in our 2021 Erasmus+ project.

Organizing Committee: Cristian Popa, Roxana Ștefana Coțofanu

Team Members (volunteers): Andreea Songhul, Angelica-Gabriela Popa, Diana Sava, Dumitru Prutean, Enea Cosmin Ștefan, Iolada Bogleș, Irina Zvorișteanu, Iasmina Raicu, Maria Andreea Fotache, Roxana Cărăbuș, Ruxandra Romașcu, Ștefan Vasilache, Vasîi Marian, Alexandra Tărăboanță.

Iasmina Raicu