It’s no secret that a delightful culinary experience can make you fall in love with a place. Many say that Iasi is an exciting and vibrant city which offers a wide range of restaurants to choose from depending on each and everyone’s taste. You can find incredible dishes inspired by Romanian or international cuisines. There are numerous options for meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans alike. Here’s a selection of some of the best restaurants nearby!


Restaurant Toujours

This charming little restaurant is owned by a lovely couple, willing to give you the best gastronomic experience. The cosy atmosphere, soft background music and warm welcoming of the staff are fulfilled by their delicious international dishes. They have an impressive wine collection so ask the staff for any recommendations (they speak English too so there shouldn’t be any communication problems either). All in all Toujours is a must-try once you get to Iasi because it simply gives both excellent service and food!

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Cheffa is a great concept brought to Iasi by a former Masterchef contestant which combines street food and elegant styles of cooking. It’s fair to say that they offer some of the best burgers in town and lots of other comfort food recipes such as tacos and quesadillas. The terrace is absolutely wonderful and  the staff is extremely hospitable, they will make sure to give you a fantastic experience.




This Spanish restaurant in Iasi is guaranteed to give you an authentic and mouth-watering dining experience due to the variety of dishes, special wines and the classy interior design. It’s intimate, romantic and elegant so it will be the perfect place for a date. It is located in a charming area of the city on Lascar Catargi Street which can be admired from the tiny rooftop terrace (however it’s usually not available during the cold seasons). Since you may choose this place based on its theme, you should try the seafood paella, pollo picante or the catalan cream.


Carbon Ristorante

Offering a true fine-dining experience, Carbon is all about elegance and attention to detail. You can’t go wrong with this restaurant as it is one of the most refined ones that Iasi has to offer. It’s the best place for meat lovers. Be prepared to be given a show by the waiters who will cut and even prepare your dish right in front of you. Moreover it is located in the heart of the city, in the Palas Commercial Area!


Fenice Palas

Offering numerous delightful Lebanese dishes, Fenice Palas is just the ideal place to get a glimpse of the flavorful and extremely diverse Arabic cuisine! As you might have probably guessed it is also in the vibrant city center, in the Palas Commercial Area. The food here is exceptional and the staff is tremendously professional. The menu includes a variety of ‘mezze’, main dishes seasoned with exotic herbs and spices, sweet desserts and even shishas!