Let's celebrate one last time the precious feelings that have brought us closer, the fun and exciting memories that we made throughout this semester and the everlasting friendships that we developed.

Erasmus is about the places and the people, so meet us where the music is loud and the souls are unified.

We've come such a long, fun and beautiful way together, but now that the final moment is almost here, we want to stop time, even for a night and feel once again those unique moments of the beginning.

Come to BeerHub Bergenbier, this Friday 24th of January, at 11:30 pm to celebrate the end of this Erasmus journey!

*if you want to take back to your country a message from your Erasmus friends, wear a white t-shirt - we will bring the markers*

Entrance fee: 10 lei (for the payment of the DJ and bartenders)

One last time & one last party. See you all there!

24/01/2020 - 23:30
10 RON