If I were to give some advice to my fellow volunteer friends, it would be that they shouldn't be afraid to try to aim higher and to dream bigger.
ESN means more than just volunteering and once you taste our energy, you will get addicted.
This first online session within our project was based on the topic of youth and their contribution in supporting the UN’s resolutions.
What motivated me to keep staying? Let’s say ESN is like a big family for me right now.
ESN is a world full of opportunities! Dare to change your life!
Keep up with us by learning these few and fun sayings and proverbs!
My first impression was magical, because I didn’t know I could make so many friends, because I only had a few close friends. And it was hard to connect with people. Here, I found a whole group of people with whom I could bond.
Because only you can keep yourself dry when your life becomes a storm